Our Story



Ever heard of a bindle?

A bindle is the iconic bag or sack typically attached to a stick and carried by hobos as they explored the world. In line with the heritage of exploration, we started our company to deliver sustainable products that add value for one's next adventure.

Bindle is a small, family-owned business founded by cousins Jay and Selina. Jay started his career as an engineer but decided to break away from the corporate world. Now he uses his eye for design, detail and planning to develop innovative products. Selina is a choosy consumer who strongly believes that the products we use should be beautiful, functional and kind to our planet. She brings these values to every product she helps design.

We thank you for considering our products for your next adventure!


If you have any questions, please contact us:

       Proton Products
       PO Box 82
       Irwin, PA 15642 (outside of Pittsburgh, PA)
       Toll Free: 1-844-352-8765