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BINDLE is the original beach blanket made from 100% recycled material for a more sustainable, green option for our planet (Intertek Certificate S61801). Our blanket's eco-friendly nylon material, along with vibrant color ​choices ​and essential features, make it a must have for your next adventure.

SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: Made using 100% recycled nylon materials, our blankets are lightweight and durable with triple stitching at the seams.

VIBRANT COLORS: Stand out on the beach with our unique vintage color patterns!

SAND FREE:  Easy cleanup! Just give the blanket a shake and the sand falls off and won’t stick to our quick-drying lightweight mat.

OVERSIZED & LIGHTWEIGHT: Large 7' x~7'(80") size to comfortably fit the family (1-4 adults, kids, baby, pet). No need to fold! Just stuff the blanket into the attached compact travel pouch (8"x5.5"x1.5") and you're ready for your next vacation.

WATER RESISTANT & MACHINE WASHABLE: Our blankets are made from durable, lightweight, recycled nylon, which is a quick dry material. Even if the blanket becomes damp, it will dry very quickly. gentle machine wash cold after use. ​

ESSENTIAL FEATURES & ACCESSORIES: Use the attached zipper pouch to keep ​necessities safe and ​sand free, stakes and sand corner pockets to anchor the blanket on windy days, a drawstring bag with a cinch strap to make it compact, and a carabiner with bottle opener to clip onto your gear.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Not just for the beach, our portable BINDLE beach sheet is great for picnics, camping supplies, concerts, lake days, outdoor yoga and more!